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How Will the Stamp Duty Holiday Benefit Me?

When the government announced that it was sending Stamp Duty on holiday, we were there to help it pack. Banishing this pesky tax for a few months opens a window of opportunity for buyers and sellers alike – time to bring back some happy into this weird world. Here’s how it could benefit you …

5 Smart Ways to Make Your Property Pay Its Own Way

As an owner-occupier, your home is usually your biggest asset - it’s also your most costly to run. Even if you do nothing to improve your property, as a responsible owner keen to maintain the value of your investment, you’ll be shelling out constantly for bills and the inevitable things that must be done to stop your property falling into disrepair. The least your home can do is help you out with that. Here are 5 smart ways to make it pay.

How Spring Cleaning your Home can Boost its Value

The sun has got his hat on and – while he may take it off again for a bit – Spring is definitely here. What better time to flex those new post-Christmas gym muscles, dust off your mop, and get down and dirty at home with a vigorous Spring Clean? If you’re wondering why adding a spring to your everyday cleaning step can make a difference, then read on and be inspired:

Why Traditional Estate Agents are Winning the Online War

Traditional estate agency is an artform that’s been around for decades. There’s a reason for that - It Works. As the first decade of the millennium drew to a close, Online agencies muscled their way into the market in a blaze of flashy websites, and headline-grabbing fees so low they made your eyes water. Nearly ten years on, eyes are still watering … for all the wrong reasons. Dedicated Online estate agencies are starting to disappear from the market. Here, we explore why that might be.

The Penrose Property Hub - Awesome New Premises for 2019

Happy New Year! Our resolution for 2019? To reinforce our commitment to providing exemplary property services to the people of Luton and the surrounding areas. And we’re on it already. Following our pre-Christmas announcement about the imminent arrival of the Penrose Property Hub in Luton, we thought we’d share some more details of our plans with you.

10 Top Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Sell or Buy Your Home

It’s officially winter, and traditionally this is the time when home-hunters hunker down and hibernate. But take a peek out of the window of your cosy abode and you’ll see smart buyers scurrying about, viewing properties strategically placed on the market by equally smart sellers. Could you be missing out on a great deal?

London Luton Awarded Title of ‘The Best Airport in London’

Let’s just consider this for a minute - our airport in Luton has beaten off competition from some of the most respected flight-hubs in the world - Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted - to be named the best in London. Wowzers! Let’s find our more, and what it means for life in our town.

10 Important Things you Should Know Before you Rent a Home

Home is where the heart is - or so the saying goes. And your heart is pretty special, right? So if you’re planning on putting it into a rental property you want to know exactly what you’re getting into. Here are 10 important questions you should be asking before signing that tenancy agreement …

Which Home Survey is the Best for Me?

You’ve found your perfect property, agreed a price, and the solicitors are busy doing their thing. All is well. Then someone mentions a ‘survey’, and you start to panic. Do I need one? What type should I get? And what the heck is a survey anyway? Chill, people. Penrose has your back.

Give Luton a Sporting Chance and Help Boost your Health Happy

England may have bowed gracefully out of the World Cup early, but the streets of Luton are still ringing with the cheers of celebration for Luton Town FC’s recent promotion into League One. Luton loves sport in all its forms, and you don’t have to look far to find the fantastic opportunities on offer. Residents and visitors alike are spoilt for choice here, in the healthiest possible way.
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